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Customer Care

Our Family Serving Your Family with Excellence

Caring for our customers, employees, community and environment is a way of life at Miskelly’s. Miskelly’s well -trained staff is ready to assist you with any questions regarding your purchase or to direct you with your next purchase at Miskelly’s. Our goal is for you and your family to have an excellent experience with us from the start to finish. We want your shopping experience with us to be smooth and hassle free so that you will use Miskelly’s for all your future furniture and accessory needs. We have transformed our customer service department into a true Customer Care Area. Our Customer Care Area has been designed to have a live person answer your important phone call within 2 minutes during normal operation hours (Monday thru Saturday 9:00 to 6:00 CST). Once your call has been answered, we have the best trained staff in the furniture industry. Miskelly Customer Care can also assist you via email if you prefer. Contact Us.

Miskelly Customer Care is another reason Miskelly’s is “Beyond Furniture”.

Visit, download the "UNITERS" App for you smart phone from the APP store or call 866-584-1646 to submit a UNITERS Warranty Claim.

Warranty from Manufacturer

  • We offer a limited manufacturer warranty to the original purchaser, which may vary according to the brand and model.
  • Warranties only cover defects in workmanship and construction that occur under normal use and care.
  • Warranties do not cover wearability or merchandise subjected to misuse, negligence or accidents
  • Warranty claims in regard to your merchandise or delivery must be reported to our customer care center within 3 days of receipt of merchandise.
  • We reserve the right to have a certified service technician evaluate and/or repair any defects before further action is taken.
  • At our discretion, we will repair or replace defective merchandise.
  • Please contact Customer Care regarding your warranty.

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your product. Thank you for the opportunity to address this situation. Please read the following information along with your warranty card to determine if you have a warranty claim.

Nature of Problem
Possible Solutions
Body Impressions
Some body impression is a natural occurrence on a mattress. This is not a structural defect, but simply an indication that the upholstery layers are settling as they should when you begin to use your bed. We’re glad to see the comfort layers begin to conform to your body and allow better sleep. This may result in an uneven sleeping surface.
If there is a sensation of rolling toward the center of the bed, check your supporting bed frame or base. Queen and King size beds require a rigid, metal, center support. If your frame is a problem, you should be able to see it flexing or sagging under the weight of the sleeper by simply looking under the bed. If this is true, replacement of the frame is necessary.
Squeaks or Noise
Squeaks and other noises usually originate from the bed frame, headboard, or footboard. Remove the mattress and box springs from the bed frame. Check the frame by pushing down in several locations to locate the noise. If the noise cannot be located, replace the box springs on the frame and repeat the test. Finally, replace the mattress and repeat the test.
It happens rarely, but handles can pull out if they are used incorrectly. They are not intended to support the full weight of the mattress in turning, lifting, carrying, etc. They are only to be used in “positioning” the mattress, and are not covered by the warranty.
Mattresses are made with steel, insulation, and layers of poly foam. A new mattress is packaged in poly bags. Just like a new car has a smell, so does a new mattress. After a few days, any odors will dissipate.

As per the warranty, we do not warrant fabric, handles, comfort or slight body impressions. Please be aware that the cost of transporting the bedding to and from your home is the sole responsibility of the consumer. If a mattress or box spring is replaced, there is no guarantee that the product you receive will have the same tick/cover or construction as your current set; especially, if the replacement is being made several years after the purchase.


To help us expedite your complaint, please complete in our Service Request Form and return it to us along with a copy of your Proof-of-Purchase/original sales receipt within the next 30 days. The law tag must not be removed from the bedding as this voids the warranty. THE FORM MUST BE COMPLETED IN ITS ENTIRETY OR WE WILL RETURN TO YOU.


Miskelly Furniture
Attn: Customer Care
101 Airport Rd
Jackson, MS 39208
Or fax to: 601-933-5950

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you. We make it our business practice to deal quickly and effectively with any customer dissatisfaction. We regret any inconvenience this situation may have caused you and look forward to serving your needs in the future.

Click Here for Service Request Form

How does the Service process work?

Over 90% of our service requests can be solved and completed in your home. Once we receive your request, we will contact you and, in most cases, set up an appointment with a service technician in most cases. Most requests are handled in less than two weeks. In the event that parts are needed, the usual time frame is within 4 - 6 weeks. When the part(s) are received, you will receive an email and call confirmation notifying you that the order is ready to be scheduled for completion. Our experienced service techs have been with Miskelly’s for years and are highly skilled craftsmen.

Service Appointment Time Frames?

It takes careful planning to ensure we can complete all of our stops within our estimated time frames. To provide the best service for our customers, we must be as fuel and time efficient as possible. We generally run 5 to 8 days out.

Furniture Repair?

Miskelly’s does not currently offer out of warranty repairs on furniture items whether or not they were originally purchased from us.

Delivery vs. Service Time Frames?

Miskelly’s employs professionally trained service techs. We service all of our delivery zones. We try to have the same techs in the same zones on a regular basis. Service appointments take longer than an actual furniture delivery, so we are not able to do as many in one day. Travel times and time to repair items also vary.

Furniture Repair on Customer Pick-ups?

Miskelly’s will come to your home to repair manufacturer’s defects if you picked up your purchase with your own vehicle. We will provide this service in your home at no additional charge as long as we are repairing a manufacturer’s defect. Merchandise damage due to customer transportation or misuse of furniture will be subject to repair fees at a rate of $50 an hour.

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